Leland Brake & Wheel


A clean, modern website that reflects the quality of Leland's parts

Leland Brake & Wheel was established as an independent division of Triangle Suspensions in 2005.
The new company needed a website that:

  • established the brand as leaders in the brake and wheels market for heavy duty vehicles
  • enabled visitors to search through a large database (more then 20,000 items) of parts
  • enabled new customers to set up a new account with Leland
  • enabled existing customers to log into their existing catalog to place orders online

The site has a clean, modern look that reflects the quality of Leland's production and sets it apart from competitors' sites.
Some sections, like News and Technical Bulletins, are designed to be easily updateable by Leland staff.

This site integrates an SQL database that can be searched by customers so they can easily match manufacturer's part numbers to Leland's part numbers. This way they can order exactly the part they need out of more then 20,000 parts in stock.