The Garretson Group


Client testimonial

It was hard to tell from your portfolio how much of the creativity and design was your own work versus what the client already had or what they had contributed, so I wasn't sure what to expect from working with you.

It was also hard to tell how good your English was (it is excellent) and to know what to expect in terms of working with you on a project.

After working with you, I now know that you are a very talented designer: you bring a great style and sensibility to our work. You are easy to communicate with and you make my life easier instead of harder.

For me, the three biggest benefits of working with you are:
a) Simple, elegant yet energetic designs
b) You are very easy to work with
c) You respond quickly to requests for changes

I would also add your attention to detail, which is critical.

I would absolutely recommend your service.
I really appreciate working with you! Thanks for everything!

Ellie Moss - VP Marketing and Member Support
The Garretson Group, LLC