We provide businesses of every size the tools to be more competitive and successful in the marketplace.

Over the years we developed quality services that help businesses stand out from the crowd.

We design quality brochures, websites, catalogues, packaging, logos and identities for small and large international clients (see some samples of our work and our client list in the Our work section of this web site).

We also offer consultations to help our clients analyze, develop and create a cohesive strategy for growth.

Our broad range of experience in design, marketing, printing, and fine arts gives us the depth necessary to help our clients convey a strong and effective message that is quickly understood by the target audience and acted upon.

The 8 step system that generates powerful (and measurable) communication

Here are the sequential steps that we follow when creating a communication piece (brochure, website, direct mail, printed ad, web campaign, etc.) for our clients:

Step 1.
Extensive questions
  • about your product/service
  • about your target audience
We want to know as much as possible about your specific product or service and about your industry, so we can address the particular issues that you may have.
We also want to know everything about your target audience. Where do they live? Where do they gather? What is their hidden want? What strings can we pull to trigger their response to your campaign?

Step 2.
Goal setting phase
Clear and measurable goals are the basis for a successful communication project. In this step we want you to focus on what you specifically plan to achieve with this specific piece of communication.
These goals will become the benchmark against which the results will be measured.

Step 3.
Conceptual phase
Where we come up with ideas on how to solve your communication problem.
At this stage we will have a few different ideas to submit to you.
These concepts will be narrowed down to one strong idea in the next phase

Step 4.
Focus phase
Together we narrow down the concepts to one single strong idea that forms the basis of the communication.

Step 5.
Design phase
Where we actually design the communication piece (brochure, web page, mailer, etc.)

Step 6.
Production phase
Where the design gets executed, the brochures printed, the web pages coded, etc.

Step 7.
Launch phase
We make sure everything works smoothly at launch.

Step 8.
We help you measure the performance of the communication that is being sent out in order to tweak and improve it for even more effectiveness in the future and better return on investment.