About Mary & Ferrari

Mary Ferrari

Mary believes that a well designed brand does half your selling for you.

It creates the perception of you in the hearts and minds of your customers. It tells them what to expect from you before they even walk in the door. It should motivate your target audience with laser precision.

It attracts attention and motivates the buyer.

Well designed marketing materials and spaces are captivating, they create desire. They emotionally connect you with your prospective customers.

Even though people may think their decisions are based on logic, more often than not they are based on emotion. Good design strikes emotional chords that get noticed and are remembered.

It confirms your credibility.

Investing in good design automatically conveys that you believe in your product or services, if you aren’t willing to invest in your company why should anyone else. If you don’t create your brand your customers will do it for you either for good or for bad.

It creates user loyalty.

Good design leaves your customers satisfied with their experience of you.

Whether it is the layout of your store or the ease of use in your web page customers return to where they get the most satisfaction, regardless of price.

Cesare Ferrari

Cesare thinks that marketing communication is a lot like cooking a great spaghetti dish.

The secret is planning, structure and quality ingredients.

When you cook, you follow a recipe that has been planned and tested in advance.

The recipe tells you all the ingredients you need and the sequence of steps you have to take. It tells you the cooking temperature and the kitchen tools you need.

Like good cooking, good marketing communication also requires planning, structure and ingredients.

When you have the right recipe, communication is easy and brings in results every time.

Cesare started his career as a graphic designer in 1996, working independently and freelancing for other design studios and advertising agencies, mainly in Milan, Italy and Bergamo (a beautiful city near Milan).

Previously he worked in a printing company, so he has a good knowledge of printing and prepress, which helped him a lot in his design work.

He believes that effective marketing communication needs to achieve three main objectives:

1. attract customers
2. convert them to the client's offer
3. make them come back for more

These are the three simple but powerful goals that he tries to achieve with every communication piece he works on.

In his free time Cesare likes to read, cook and walk the dogs in the woods around his house.